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Quantum Wizard is a puzzle-platformer game in a unique art style where you manipulate the laws of quantum physics to solve puzzles.

Quantum Physics

Become the Quantum Wizard and manipulate quantum concepts such as entanglement, Heisenberg's uncertainty, wave-particle duality and much more!

Atlantis Myth

Based on the Atlantis as described in Plato's texts, Quantum Wizard takes place 12 000 years ago in a pre-ancient history fantasy environment.

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Hall of Fame

Full Game Demo

Try to beat the other players at speedrunning the game!
Who will be the best Quantum Wizard?

Rank Player Time Seals collected Deaths
31Solifuge1:00:00.8527 / 1570
32deadubed1:00:36.7006 / 15112
33Bidibidibouh1:02:46.4605 / 15108
34SevHunter1:02:59.08511 / 1566
35BZHTOBAL1:03:17.0534 / 1589
36SERPICO1:17:52.5202 / 1592
37RstE Teck1:26:45.8744 / 1585
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