We've been Greenlit! Thank you very much!

Preorder: Play the game the day of its release! (ETA july 2017)
Early Access: Play the game before everyone else in its first full playable version! Details
Launch party: Join us for the launch party of the game here in Rennes and have a free drink. Travel expenses not included.
Poster: A3 Poster of exclusive En-Ki Lore. En-ki teaches you quantum physics.
Quantum Goodies: More than the game, you get a surprise package with exclusive quantum goodies!
NPC: A character at your effigy will be added somewhere in the game.

Shipping (poster and quantum goodies) is only available for Europe and North America.
Basic Early Silver Edition Gold Edition Orichalcum Edition
Preorder X X X X X
Early Access X X X X
Launch party
Poster X X X
Quantum goodies X X
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(Delivery ETA: august 2017)

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