Find out all the information, skills, tips, and tricks of the Legend Valkyrie, the Winged Avenger.


Courageous, brazen, free, and fierce, Valkyrie feels no remorse for corrupting her enemies or circumventing the law. When she was still just a child, she got her hands on a Titan that belonged to her father, a mercenary by the name of Viper. His most ardent dream was to become like him. But the next day, his father left to accomplish a mission from which he never returned. In a way, she did everything to follow in his footsteps. Even though she didn’t own a Titan, she still ran her own ship, which offered her a decent income. His life choices were nothing right. During the day, she smuggled precious cargoes. After dark, she hung out with outlaws and mercenaries in bars.

After finally finding him, she prepared to shoot him. But Blisk spoke respectfully about his former comrade Viper before urging Valkyrie to become a better person. If Valkyrie shot him well, she didn’t take his life. Knowing that she had managed to get her message across to Blisk was more than enough. Not to mention that during this meeting at the top, she managed to steal his invitation card for the Apex Games …

By recycling the flight module of the Viper Titan Northstar, Valkyrie designed a model of an overpowered jetpack to honor the memory of his father. It was when Kairi managed to stand on her own, equipped with a modified version of her father’s Titan, that she was finally able to become the person she.


There are three unique abilities in Apex Legends, classified as passive, tactical, and ultimate, which allow Legends, depending on the predefined role, either to heal and protect their teammates or to inflict severe damage on their enemies. Valkyrie will, without a doubt, be of great help to your group in order to achieve your goals.

1. Missile salute

Tactical ability

Launch a volley of mini rockets that injure and disorient your enemies.

2. Jetpack

Passive ability

Use Valkyrie’s jetpack to quickly redeploy or reach elevated areas to better hunt down your opponents. Your fuel is limited, but its level is gradually recharged.

3. Heavenly leap

Ultimate ability

Take to the skies in order to quickly redeploy to areas far away from the map, leaving the possibility for your teammates to take off with you.

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